There were 6 great white sharks cruising around watching us humans like animals in a zoo.

Wow! Chilling with Great Whites Crossed off the bucket list. Spent time in the surface cage and was so pleased that the Great Whites were still interested.  Identified three sharks. Two had I.D tags on their dorsal fin and one was missing the top of his tail and had some battle wounds on his side. The water was so blue you lose sense that you are on Earth. Cue the strange kelp leaf-like entity shimmering towards me. Flowing like a ribbon, I am later told this is a “Venus Girdle,” so Jason says. So blessed to explore these waters with great guests and a dynamic crew.


It was the first cage dive for me with great white sharks. When I saw them at the first time I was really impressed by the elegance how they are moving through the water. In all the time the sharks stood calm and chill. The three dives were breathtaking and awesomeee!!!!


Absolutely fantastic!!  Majestic and graceful!!


The first day diving with the Great White was absolutely amazing and almost can’t be topped. There were up to 6 sharks cruising around the cage at the same time and watching us humans like the animals in a zoo. We strongly recommend you guys to take the next plane and board the next cruise to the Guadalupe Zoo. Addiction guaranteed!

–Nicole, Betty, Markus and Marco

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