I'm sure the shark smiled at me;)


Letzter Tauchgang in den mystischen Kelbwaeldern von San Benito. Nach den fantastischen Begegnungen mit den GREAT WHITE SHARKS in Guadalupe hatten wir nun tolle Begegnungen mit Ohrenrobben im Unterwasser-Dschungel von San Benito. Auch die orange schillernden Garibaldis haben uns schlichtweg verzaubert. Die Diveguides haben uns zielsicher durch das Dickicht des Kelbwaldes zu vielen Highlights insbesonder Hornhaien gefuehrt, bevor sie uns sicher zurueck  zum Boot lotsten, wo schon das naechste leckere Essen auf wartete. So stellt man sich einen traumhaften Urlaub vor. – Nicole und Markus

What an amazing day! I had 2 awesome dives today. In the morning we were playing with 4 sea lions—checking us several times, dancing in the water. I did some studies about the colourful Garibaldi fish. Michi had to …pee…and he did it right on a Horn shark. Sorry little sharky! While we were hanging around to do our safety stop a guitar ray passed by and we went down again.  I thought” there won’t be another dive like this” , but the next dive was even better. I was “ attacked “by a little Horn shark—well probably while I was taking pictures of his friend I came too close and he escaped after he swam against my mask. We were both surprised- I’m sure he smiled at me;) I forgot to ask him about his name:(

A little sea lion lady smiled at me, too! What funny animals they are—moving so fast without bumping into the divers or strangle themselves in the kelp forest.
Looking forward to meeting her friends and family tomorrow. I hope my camera will be working… Now I’m looking forward to have another fantastic dinner on board the Nautilus Explorer. Thanks so much Enrique and Alberto I promise to come back! LOL – Christine

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