Today at San Benitos we had the opportunity dive in the mystical kelp forest.

We were lucky and saw some harbor seals that came and played with us on the first dive.  Garibaldis, giant keyhole limpets, spinny lobstars, two different horn sharks, cow nose ray, were some of the other creatures that we saw today.  Some sealions came to play on the 2nd and 3rd dive. There were other fish that we dont know the names of but they were all pretty. Just to look up at the kelp and fell the magic. .We look forward to seeing the whole sea lion family tomorrow.  They were lying on the rocks in the sun today. See what tomorrow brings, Kevin and the three wonderful ladies
Breaktime for me today was a fun snorkel trip to the kelp forest in San Benitos.  Captain Shaun took Ali, Michael and I out closer to shore.  Equiped with a mask and fins I set out closer to the rocks, where the sea lions were chilling out being…animals.  I just watched them, from the water feeling like a guest in their world.  Sweet pups barked at their mom and their mom herded them with her blubbery body and bellows.  When a seal dove down, I did too hoping to, as Benitta put it, “dance with the sea lions”.  Didn’t happen to see many lions but did meet a great variety of fish.  Bright yellow fish fluttered around and leopard like green goblin groupers fearlessy looked me straight in the face!
The kelp was a great feathery thread network stemming from the sea bottom.  Reminded me of a Jim Henson creation from Sesame Street.  Snuffaluffagus anyone? The sea floor was also covered in this feathery kelp and the movement was hypnotic.  So calming to be in the sway of the ocean.
Sure that no seals would come close to me I started heading back to the skiff. Shaun pointed out a couple of seal pups that followed me.  Diving down, there the playful pups invited me to a show of skills. Having no tank it was easy to take big strides and flips.  They demonstrated their great actrobatic skills and were so encouraging…. can it be they were actually playing WITH me?? Another pup came from the distance an  started to spin through the kelp closing distance between us until finally, we were just a fin length away. Eye to Eye . Smile to Smile.  Communing with nature humbles you. It also lifts me to a level that inspires me to be a better human.  We can and have to care for this planet we share with other life.
Breaktimes. Aren’t they so valuable. Yolaine Cabana NAUTILUS CREW.

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