We dove on a mini volcano today!

Today was the second day of diving, we started out at Isla San Martin which is an island that looks like a mini volcano. About a half mile wide with a perfect cone on it. We anchored on the S side beside a kelp forest and staged our first two dives of the day right off the back of the boat in about 45 feet. The visibility was not great in close to shore so all the divers stayed out in the 45 to 60 foot depths. There were beautiful kelp fronds reaching up from the depths toward the sun. It makes for such beautiful photographs.
The last two dives were at Roca Ben, a pinnacle that comes up from 600 feet to 45 feet. One of our divers saw a turtle swimming toward him and was able to get his video camera to capture the perfect shot of a swimming turtle, silhouetted by sunlight swimming toward him. It turned when it was about 15 feet away and then a sea lion came by to check out the turtle.
divemaster Jesse

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