Ever seen a great white breach??? wowsers!!! haaa…

Welllll, for those of you who dont know, breaching is when a fish or whale or dolphin (or pretty much any animal) blasts out of the water and subsequently splashes back down.  Humpback whales do it frequently, and white sharks are known to do it as well, but its not that frequent…and today we had the mother of allllll breaches about five meters behind the dive deck!!!  I was underwater in the four person cage when I saw the shark blast to maximum speeeeed and rocket out of the water…i thought he was just faking at first;  most times they shoot up to the surface like they are going to breach but then glide off just under the surface of the water.  But low and behold, he didnt stop and completely exited the water.  What emotion!  My colleague Nesquikkk was in the two person cage right across from me and we both were screaming and dancing and giving our divers high-fives..it was fun…and it was the very first dive of the day!!  Normally, the shark activity accumulates throughout the day, but this goes to show that you never know!!  A bunch of guests on the dive deck saw it from the surface side right in front of their faces…five meters away!!  Guadalupe Island on the Nautilus …GO BIG OR GO HOME!!!!!

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