Today is an awesome day.

Christian Horl2
Woke up, put on mask and fins to go scout out the sea lion colony on Roca Ben. Yesterday, the seals had come in a frenzy.  I had a phenomenal time swimming with them.  They were very interactive and curious. So, this morning I wanted to return to the sea safari.  I jumped off the stern, swam towards the morning barks on shore.  Not twenty strides into my mission did I catch the attention of a couple teenage sea lions.  Rising to the surface for air, one sea lion popped up so close I think he startled himself! We shared enough time just to lock eyes and he was off with a splash.
I spent the rest of my swim bobbing on the surface checking out a bull hearding his clan, females, teenagers and at least a dozen pups.  Not a bad way to start the day before work 🙂 We are having a ball on the boat. It’s easy with interested, lovely guests and a super friendly crew.
Thanks Nautilus Explorer!  Yolaine

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