Sunrise on day two and Pacific White Sided Dolphins joined us for breakfast by surfing the bow for approximately 15 minutes, lets hope this is a good omen. Andy Sargent, England.

It was a good omen; four excellent dives today, seals, seal lions, an angel shark, lots of nudiebranch, and then Roco Ben an incredible underwater seamount teaming with life and enough sardines to last you a lifetime. Andy Sargent, England.
Sunrise on day three, a whole pod of Pacific White Sided Dolphins, awesome! Andy Sargent, England.
Wow, diving yesterday on the seamount, excellent visibility, there were huge schools of sardines..they would move in unison like a wave shining with greatness.  This reminded me as a boy I would feel great excitement at this vision (as I was spearfishing for food and sardines usually meant predators feeding on the sardines, which was food for me…haaa…) was very pleasant to reminisce on the past and live this great excitement again in the present.  Also, I was speaking with a guest Peter about his dive experience yesterday with a turtle and sea lion…commenting about our different dive experiences and how we each take something different yet exhilerating.  I wish to thank Peter for sharing his experience with me and also wish to give a shout out to my girl, and all the people affected by the hurricane in Cabo…animo!!  I love you and am with you in spirit!!!!  tigre (divemaster).

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