Most people I knew called me crazy and cracked jokes about me being great white shark bait.

tom pepper
I booked this trip with my brothers about a year ago. When it actually arrived I couldn’t believe it. Most people I knew called me crazy, and just cracked jokes about me being shark bait. Now, I am on the way back, the boat is heading back to port and I have 3 days of diving behind me. It has far exceeded my expectations. It was phenomenal. I told Tigre, one of the divemasters on the first day of diving that I had been given the name Awelana when I was in Ghana the past summer which means ‘the lucky one’. I had some pretty amazing luck with my shark viewing, and when I went in the submersible cage with Frank, who had yet to see a Great White, his luck finally changed and he saw his first! Day 3 was by far the best viewing of the whole trip. THREE SHARKS AT ONE TIME! It was hectic rushing back and forth from side to side in the cage trying to get all the footage. I came out of the water and was like OH MY GOD! SO AWESOME! Then for the rest of the day you are just stoked because you are confident then no other dive will surpass that one! It is true. This has been a dream come true, I got to cage dive with great white sharks off of Guadalupe Island in beautiful water with great visibility. If you can swing it, do it! Come dive with the Nautilus Explorer. You won’t regret it. (Kayla, Vancouver Island, BC)

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