I am back and trust me i get excited every time when i see a great white shark!

behind bars
I am back from time off wow what a way to come back an have a encounter with the huge females great white .When i left for vacation i did see only one small female but to see this one that are around wow .  We had a great trip we had 8 people that weren’t certify could you imagine starting from the top notch sighting we got everyone going on the surface cage there after they got brave an went in the 18 foot cage which thats a good place cause when the cages are coming up the shark follow the cage up . Sure thing they had some real good sighting an close they came back up an said thats it they could go back home thats what they wanted to see an encounter . Trust me i get excited every time when i see a great with it is just one of those things you cant resist . anyway thats all i have to say for right know will keep you all posted .
DM Juan

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