everytime I get in a cage it keeps me healthy having my heart beating

white shark upclose resize
Here i am back on this Guadalupe Island expedition with a well know group of people that have done this every year an they say they will never get enough of this opportunity to see the real life of the monsters . Thats the way i feel everytime when i get in the cage an go for a dive it just keeps me healthy having my heart beating . It is one of those feeling that you cant control it that you just have to sit back an enjoy their performance and show of a life time . The best part is that the vis is so good that you could see the great white sharks coming from a distance so you have time to get the right shop plus get it in to the internal memory . So far we had 2 sharks today just circling around us like they never want to leave us at all they were interested in us in a nice way . The weather have been so nice calm ,sunny an warm water 23 c . Anyway will keep you all posted .
DM Juan

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