935 years of diving experience onboard as Sylvia Earle joins the Nautilus Explorer..

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What an incredible week at Guadalupe Island. Every group that comes onboard creates their own set of special memories, but this week was beyond unforgettable. We had the privilege of sailing with a special group of guests from the Historical Dive Society. With this group came a number of famous people in diving. Five of our guests are Diving Hall of Fame Inductees as well as world recognized underwater photographers, conservationists and scientists. During guest introductions on the first day at sea I was blown away by the number of years pepole had been diving so i took it upon myself to do a poll of the group, the results were shocking! Of 26 guests and 10 crew there was a total of 935 years of dive experience. The average number of years of diving experience per person was 26 years. But the best of all was the range of dive experience with the least being 3 months and the most being 62 years! One guest This week logged his first dive with us here at Guadalupe Island while other guests have stopped counting their number of dives for the past 30 years! I can’t wait to see what next week brings!
Lauren Mitchell Hostess, Nautilus Explorer

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