Honoured to hose sea sisters from the Women Divers Hall of Fame onboard the Nautilus Explorer including President Bonnie Toth, Zale Parry, Betty Orr and Martha Watkins Gilkes..

The day started slow, but ended strong.  We saw the first shark around 1pm.  The last dive of the day was epic.  It started with Emily hanging around as soon as we got into the water.  She was run off by another aggressive female shark within five minutes.  I now know what being hunted feels like.  She circled and circled us.  She came really close to the cage numerous times.  In addition she showed us her belly.  I found it fascinating how quickly she could appear and disappear into the blue.
Diana R.
Santa Barbara, CA

OH WHAT  A NIGHT..as they  say…….and  oh what  a trip…. Thanks to Captain Shaun,  Kevin, Rudolph, Hernz, Juan, Matt and Jessie.. and Chef Jayne (amazing healty meals!)  and Hostesses Lauren and Liz  for  the  amazing care and concern they showed for our  every need duing the past  days!

And of course to the  Historical  Diving Society   CHAIR DAN ORR AND  ORGANIZER  ED STENSON for  putting this  amazing trip together..
and  most of all TO THE BEAUTIFUL ZALE PARRY for  being born and for the  reason we  are  here celebrating her  beautiful life and what she has accomplished in the marine world during her  career!   Also thrilled to be sharing the time with  three other “sea sisters” of the  Women Divers Hall of  Fame; President Bonnie Toth,  Betty Orr and of course  the one and only ZALE.
As mentioned in  my earlier posting when I boarded  this is my second time  here and  it only gets  better!
And we begin a beautiful sea crossing now as  sunset is coming…..
Martha Watkins Gilkes
Antigua, West Indies

We are all divers… nothing more and nothing less…  As all of us get older, we start to shy away from some of the dives we did when we were younger and much stronger.  We need to stay involved in diving, one way or another.  We are all still divers.  This is what the annual Historical Diving Society charters to Guadalupe Island has allowed us to do.  To be a part of 2 charters with true pioneers of diving has been an honor: Dr. Sylvia Earle and Zale Parry.  To show these two women something they have only dreamed of has been truly amazing: the great white shark.  Everybody had a fantastic trip.  The boat is the best, the crew is incredible and the diving is beyond belief.  I hope you can go some day…. and take somebody with you that will hopefully help to make their life complete.

By Nautilus Staff

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