I did 4 dives and each dive was sharks, sharks, sharks. The great whites came extremely close.

Today was amazing! We saw at least one great white shark on each dive, and a loggerhead turtle!  The sharks were very curious, and spent a lot of their time peeking through our cages at us.    It was the experience of a lifetime!- Stefan, Bern, Switzerland
Today was fabulous!  It was the best day of the trip by far.  I did 4 dives, and each dive was sharks, sharks, and more sharks!  They came extremely close, and although the shark did not eat the turtle like I wanted, it was still incredible to see their interaction. -Martin, Berlin, Germany
Today was perfect. There was a lot of activity from the beginning to the end, 2 sharks spinning around the cages getting pretty close.  It was amazing to see!  I had never expected so much interaction, and complete success! – John, Berlin, Germany
I had a great day!  It was much better than expected considering we had the first dive of the day. There were sharks on the first dive and all day, and we enjoyed watching them rip open the bait bag.  It was non stop action all day!  The action was so good that I spent most of my afternoon in the surface cage in between my deep dives. -Oscar, Kimberly, Wisconsin

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