We moved to manta city at Socorro and sure enough, had a sore neck watching 7 giant mantas at one time

We are here on another trip of the season in socorro  Island. We had our check out dive with giant manta ,dolphin , an 3 silky sharks under the boat .We had to do a second dive cause it was really good there was just a little current nothing to talk about . We move to the manta city an sure enough we had 7 mantas together just had a sore neck after looking all around me an the divers could not just focus on one . One was in front ,beside , under , an on top like a mexician sombrero cant get better than that . Day 2 we stayed an did the boiler again we had 8 mantas 3 dives in arrow plus dolphin chasing the jacks an tuna . the last dive we had 4 hammerheads came straight to us when i look down below us there were like a dozen cruising into the mild current . the water temp have been so nice i am diving in a shorty 81 F it like bath water . Anyway will keep you all posted .
DM Juan The Only One

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