We were rewarded with 30 – 35 schooling hammerhead sharks at Roca Partida. Awesome trip. Excellent crew.

After a great Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixin’s (prepared by Jane), everyone was pretty tired after the first five days of diving. However, it was an early morning today for a dawn dive at 06h30!
While we only saw one giant manta, and a few sharks on this first dive, we were more than rewarded on the second dive of the morning. With DM Juan in the lead, we headed off Roca Partida into the blue in search of hammerheads, and boy did we find them! Thirty to thirty-five of them in fact! The largest group we’ve seen to-date – maybe we’ll see them again this afternoon.. – Christopher M.
We have just completed our 22nd dive, at the end of six days of diving. From the first dive to the last, the entire crew of the Nautilus Explorer has worked hard to ensure we were able to enjoy every aspect of the trip.
While each site yielded its own treasures (or not, on a few dives, as is the case with nature) the captain and the DM’s were always trying to ensure that we were able to make the most of each dive.
Overall, a great first experience for me on the Nautilus Explorer, and I look forward to future trips on their new ship, the Belle Amie. – Christopher M.
Awesome trip.  Great diving, excellent crew, really nice ship, plus good weather.  Mantas on almost every dive.  We also saw hammerheads and a sea lion! And, this was the best food of any live-aboard. – John M.

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