"Don't wake me up please. Let me try to define this: awesome, amazing, fantastic, unbelievable… and still is not enough!. Dolphins touching my mask with their noses, hammerheads, galapagos and white tips sharks, huge mantas". – Damian Ramallo

Today was absolutely incredible!  The morning started off slow, and then Matt told me he was going to take me to find some great animals, and boom!  Dolphins all around us!  They played with us for what seemed like forever, popping our bubbles with their nose and circling all around us.  What an incredible experience! – Mary Valos
Super snorkeling again today. 3 black mantas circling joined by fourth two-toned. Loads of colourful fish. Magic!
Afternoon got even better…snorkeling in bay , and was joined by a very friendly pod of DOLPHINS! Super curious and friendly, and very expressive.
Also very chatty. Lots of squeaks and whistles. So cool!!! Very Happy.
Thanks Team. Anastasia

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