One of the best dives of my life. I looked behind me and there was a massive whale shark

Really nice dive site with 30-40m visibility and more white tip reef sharks than one could count ! Some galapagos sharks were circling around as well as schools of reef fish and individual hammerhead shark. Water temperature was comfortable +26C as it was in San Benedicto and Socorro islands as well. Sea has been very flat through-out the week and big fish (manta ray and various shark species) interactions have been amazing. Cabo Pierce dolphin encounter went to top 5 experiences of my dive life. Addition to great diving and helpful crew, I would like to add food which has been super-good on every meal !!!
Simo Randelin/Finland
Great time in roca partida. Visibility 40m. Blue water, 26C temperature. School of Galapagos, silky, silver tip and white tip reef sharks. Fish all over the wall, incredible time here. Great food aboard. ;-0. Kisses beloved, miss you so much.
Ana Flavia Pantalena
Nautilus has the Best Attention onboard Great Chef on the Kitchen making you feel like on your favorite restaurant, Enrique is the best for sure !
Incomparable attention, before the dive and right after it they bring drinks either water or Hot Chocolate, and snacks of course “Those chocolate cookies are the best !
Life is Hard ! : )
Juan Cardona
ONE OF THE BEST DIVES OF MY LIFE!  As I dropped in and was looking at a group of white tips, I looked behind me to see a massive whale shark! I took our group the opposite direction in order to catch it on the other side of the rock, and on the way encountered large schools of hammerheads, way too many to count!  On the other side of the rock, I found myself face to face with the whale shark, as it circled around us inches from us.  We went back the other direction, again engulfed in hammerheads, only to find our whale shark coming straight at us again.  What a truly majestic and beautiful experience!
DM Matt
I saw my first whale shark today!!! It was just at the edge of visibility and I was happy as a clam to have seen it. About 5 minutes later, I was watching a school of hammerheads, when she returned. She came right up to me and passed within inches! I was beyond excited. But, it got even better, a few minutes later she came back and swam right at me. I had to get out of the way, or she would have pushed me along. …..what a dive!! After years and years of swimming with sharks, I didn’t just see my first whale shark, I got up close and personal with it.
Martin Graf
….Whale Shark during the entire dive!! Like Christmas gift this dive. Fish ball, yellowfin giant tunas, bonitos, wahoo, hammerhead, silky,  silver tip, and lots of white tipped reef shark. Will never forget the dives in Roca Partida. ;-0  Made videos to my beloved Corijito.
Ana Flavia Pantalena

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