"We just saw dolphins having sex but that wasn't the highlight of the day"

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Carol Futter from the UK:
I knew that today was going to be a good day.  As our boat went out to the dive site, we saw humpback on the surface.  Iw as keen to get right in.  As soon as I dropped in, something happened with my octopus and I began to lose air.  I didnt know why, so I did a stop and went back up.  I didnt care, I just saw 2 humpbacks and a calf feeding!!  Hernan brought be back to the boat and Juan was so kind as to fill my tank again and I got to join the second group.  We got to drop in with a whale again!! Then we saw dolphins having sex.  We continued to swim around the rock- seeing white tips piled on top of eachother.  Agaain we saw the serene view of the ma, the baby and the escort.  I turned to look at the rock again, and as soon as I did I heard screaming. I knew even before I turned back to see the whales what was happening.  we watch alot of national geo an animal shows and I just kknew.  Oh the poor baby. Oh my god.  Then I saw the fin falling and I felt really sad.  Not anxious, not frightened.  I didnt want to go anywhere, I was calm.  I saw a frenzy of sharks and it just made me more sad for the lost baby.  After we saw the whales franticly circling the rock, and omg they got so close.  I know things look bigger underwater, but those fins were so close to the divers.
Peter Futter from the UK:
I didnt get to see what Carol saw underwater as I was witht he first group that she had to leave.  But from the zodiac we saw so many fins.  We saw the orcas swim off quickly and circling..  It was so close to us, only feet away, I thought they were going to turn over our boat.  We were so close to the humpback that we even saw the barnacles onit.  It was huge! Fantastic!
We were just in the right place at the right time.  People travel all over the world to seee soemthign like this. We are so lucky.  Everything was just a frenzy of fins- like an icecream cone witht all the wafers out!  There was such violent splashing and then we saw the orcas tear off.  Incredible, absolutley.  I am not a good boat traveller as yousaw.  I was so sick on the first day, so sick that I coul not even make it own to my room.  But that dive was worth it.  It was worth being sick allday long.  Thank you for making us so comfortable.

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