All i could think of was the look in the mother humpback's eyes as she circled frantically looking for her calf

Gustavo Verzoni from Brazil:

I was so excited for today.  It is such a dream to see whales, and to see them in good viz.  today we had a perfect situation, we were full of air, the viz was good and we saw a humpback moother, her calf and an escort.  The calf was going up to breath it was amazing.  I try to get close as you know.  I am always the one that gets too close.  They seemed not to be afraid.  It was fantastic.  such a dream!  After, it was a mix of feelings.  I was excited of what I saw but so sad cause I love animals.  I dive to see the the animals.  To think about the calf that we just saw minutes ago to be eaten.  I didn’t know what to do, I wanted to go to the surface.  I was just mesmerized, I didn’t even turn on my camera cause there were new thing happening every minute.  Now that it is over, I am just starting to understand what we saw.  I was only worried about the calf not myself.  The dive started out to be just like a dream and then ended to be a nightmare.
Roberto Rezende from Brazil:
I was so excited to see whales and dolphins. I even got good video of the dolphins mating.  Seeing the whales was such a calm and transcendent experience.  They stopped to look at us.  I heard the whales singing it was so beautiful and then all of a sudden they were gone.  I thought, where did they go?    soon enough, there they were again.  Then I saw a 4th whale.  A killer whale!  I was so scared to started to swim closer to the rock to watch from afar.  I was worried about me.  I have not done any research about orcas and I dont know much about them and I thought they would attack us.  We saw  the orcas attack, then they left. next we saw sharks eating a falling fin.  Soon the whales stared circling the rock and all I wanted was to get to the surface.I though that I would see 12 orcas chasing the humpbacks.  I was not excited, I was not happy, just scared.
DM-Janice    what an amazing day!!
now later all I can think of was the look in the mothers eye as she was franticly circling the rock looking for her baby.

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