Awesome…in the true sense of the word

Roca Partida – Rocks? Well folks, I don’t blog and vehemently abhor BS, but, I owe Shaun (our Captain), he took me humpback whale watching/snorkeling and we saw many humpbacks, but all in transit and moving too fast. Then a slower whale turned up, we slipped in the water and the whale dived, so I got back in the zodiac, Shaun noticed and shouted to me… ‘T get back here the whale will come back up’ so I joined him again we waited, he was spot on, the whale came back and stopped motionless for at least five minutes just five metre directly below us. Then, as if in slow motion, the beautiful humpback started to surface right in front of me, an amazing experience, swelling with happiness I watched her gracefully disappear into the distance. Thankfully it’s all on GoPro so I can re-live it with friends and family back home. Also, it has to be said, this ‘Nautilus’ crew are a dedicated bunch, every one of um determined to supply an experience to remember. We are only half way through our voyage, but I I’ve already seen and captured on video, exactly what I came for, Giant Mantas, Humpbacks and several shark species.
I’m told there is plenty more to come, I have no doubt…Awesome…in the true sense of the word.

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