Snorkelling with humpback whales before lunch

Roca Partida is just a beautiful divesite! When you’re lucky you can see almost everything that a divers heart for big fish is looking for! Until now we haven’t had the luck to see humpback whales underwater…one of my dreams…but no problem…there’s another chance during whale watching and snorkeling! The excellent crew of the Nautilus Explorer is doing everything they can to support us as good as possible and they are not responsible for the humpback whales avoiding the contact to us divers… 😉
So we changed our strategy for the last afternoon here at Roca Partida: Humpback whale snorkeling…and it worked! Before lunch we had this most anticipated encounter! One Humpback on the surface diving down to approx. 20m and staying there for about 10 minutes…very impressive! He was disturbed by a manta ray “flying” very close above him, so he decided to make a deep breath and to leave us into the deep! “Not bad!” like we Austrians say…for Americans: “It was freaking awesome!” 🙂

By Nautilus Staff

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