Night snorkelling at Socorro

My whole body was tingling during our Night Dives!

The thing I love about night dives is how your senses hearing and feelign are heightened as the sense of sight is restricted. On tonight’s night dive at El Aquario, the water was filled with whale songs coming from every direction. For 8 minutes the wails and crys were so loud you could feel the vibrations in your chest. My whole body was tingling and alert, I was convinced we were going to stumble across a singing whale! Humpback whales typically ‘stand on their head’ while they sing – can you imagine coming across that in the pitch black with your torch lighting up individual barnacles and wrinkles?! I have certainly never experienced that and would love to have the chance. The song of a whale can typically be heard for 60km underwater and when it is so loud that it seems to resonate in your own body they say the whale is at most 60m away. Regardless of how far these particular whales were from us tonight, they created an unforgettable dive as we slowly meandered through the dive, looking at zebra eels and sleeping parrot fish, while being serenaded by humpback whales.

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Rick Foltzreply
February 16, 2015 at 04:02 AM

I will be on the boat next week. These posts have me PSYCHED!

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