When I open my arms, mantas come! They truly love divers!

“The sound of the whales was crazy! it was so dark and you could feel the sounds in your chest vibrating! it sounded like they were ontop of us. all black and i thought for sure my light was going to show up on a whale. it sounded like there was two of them so close”


“I like night dives, you never know what is around the corner until it is there. Very peaceful. The whales were singing to us the whole dive and you could feel their songs vibrating in your body. Incredible”


“Wow! Wow! Wow! Best dive!! Yeah!!! the all black manta was so big and so close! it loved me and I loved it! something is so special about the all black mantas, maybe because there not so many of them, they seem more unique. when i open my arms to them they come, it is truely like they love seeing divers. I know I love seeing them!”


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