Early Morning Surprise

We steamed up to Roca Partida and dropped the anchor in the pre dawn light. The boats were lowered into the water as the deck crew prepped for the day. The cry came loud and clear “WHALE SHARK, WHALE SHARK, WHALE SHARK!” Many of our guests were still rubbing the sleep from there eyes, but the chance to interact with such a creature right off the back of the boat sprang everyone into action. The juvenile whale shark circled the boat once allowing everyone to get an excellent view from the upper decks. As it made its way toward the stern again guests and crew took to the water for a more intimate encounter. The sun had already broke the horizon, bathing the scene in morning light. Many of our divers had to clear out of the sharks path as the curious creature came within inches of them. After several slow passes around the Nautilus Explorer the whale shark lazily swam off toward the dive site, leaving smiling faces, good cheer, and the promise of a great day.
Captain Baron

By Nautilus Staff

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Oh captain baron its shaz here ,think it was looking for me from the week before cant wait for October to see the big ones

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