Dancing with Whale Sharks and Playing with Giant Mantas

Day 1: Canyon and boiler
Today was day 1 of diving, with check out dive completed, we drop into the boiler. To say we were tantalised before we even got into the water is an understatement.
Just as we were getting ready to enter the water, we were treated with a whale shark at the surface, inviting us to join her in her home. We geared up and jumped in. She wasn’t shy, she glided between our bubbles and teased us with her graciousness. Ernie was memorised with his lens as he enjoyed a special moment as she swam directly towards him as he was alone for the few seconds she danced with him. Then, to our delight, we were joined by 3 beautiful manta, one jet black and just enormous. They just loved playing with our bubbles and were clearly enjoying our company as much as we were loving theirs. We all embraced the time they gave us, many flashes shooting, cameras rolling, both on card and film which is a throw back in time but an embrace of quality production.

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