Roca Partida with boobies, whale shark, silver tips and galapagos sharks!

Roca Portida

Today we arrived at the volcanic island that peaks its head out of the ocean surface and is home to many boobies. The island looks like its snowed, but it’s the boobies toilet break. Before we dived in we had a wonderful whale shark show up on the stern surface which was nice to see. We dived in the North side first as the swell was challenging, we kept the reef on our left and with some 100ft viability, we were swarmed by horse eyed jacks, a large silver tip followed us along as well as several galapagos sharks quite deep. The serge was awesome to watch, so powerful and unbelievably strong. Ernie’s face as he swam towards the rock made the dives even more enjoyable, so special. Ernie words summed it up as a gift of an experience! The group has loved it here but we’ve decided to make our way back to the boiler as a clear favourite after the wonderful display yesterday.

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