2 dolphins interacting with diver

The biggest pod I've seen

Dolphin frenzy at the Boiler this morning. After splashing in at 0800 with the sun rising around San Ben we dropped in on the usual manta residents of the Boiler. With 5 soaring in and clear 90 foot vis things were going the usual way that I have been used to until the spot light was stolen away quickly by a pod of 30-40 dolphins. A pack of 8 came ripping in quickly as if checking the things out before the bigger group showed up. Pretty wild sight seeing the divers become out number so fast, and definitely the biggest pod I’ve seen while diving with season. I’d say our guests got plenty of photo opportunities with these hooligans and maybe even a tad overwhelmed. Pretty dam good start this morning , hopefully some of their friends are waiting out at Roca.

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