They scared the crap out of me!

I dropped into the water between dives three and four. I descended to 35 meters in search of hammers, but to no avail. I swam out into the blue and was blown away by the fact that i could see the bottom as if it was 10 meters away. After several minutes of sharkless blue infinity i swam back to roca where i was greeted by a pod of 20 or so dolphins. They scared the crap out of me! I was swimming along unaware of there presence when one darted in front of my face within a hands length away! The playful guys stayed with me for the remainder of my dive. Darting back and forth, laughing at me for being so inferior a swimmer, making love with one another, all in all a damn fine time to be a dolphin. I began my ascent and was joined lucky enough to have a green sea turtle keep me company before hernan came to pick me up in the skiff. Not a bad way to spend a break.

By Nautilus Staff

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