I know the ocean's not a zoo, but it totally seems like one with the boat spotting mantas on every dive

We asked our guests what they thought of their diving, and got a wide range of awesome, funny and weird encounters!

Took a break from the cervezas long enough to get wet. Happily rewarded almost immediately upon descent by a sailfish. Hard to say how large it was as it was at a distance, but i’d venture it probably would have set at least a few world records. It flared its sail for us before turning and tucking tail in the other direction. To our dismay we had to retreat back to the reef and the company of several friendly mantas and white tips. Maybe tomorrow will be better.


Aujourd’hui c’etait mon anniversaire et les mantas etaient au rdv !!…un beau cadeau ! La croisiere demarre au mieux!


First day with a great multicultural group at san benedicto: huge mantas, sharks and amazing tropical fishes everywhere 😮
Viva revillagigedo! Viva mexico!

– Nacho (divemaster)

Primeiro dia de mergulhos, logo no primeiro mergulho em menos de 10 minutos nos avistamos 2 raias mantas gigantes que interegiram conosco por alguns minutos. Tambem vimos alguns tubaroes galha branca de recife. A visibilidade variou de 25 a 10 metros e a temperatura foi de 25 graus. Excelente tripulacao.

– Rodrigo figueiredo

Hammerheads were slightly more friendly today. I probably couldn’t have kissed it on the cheek, but it definitely saw me blow one its way. Mantas were scarce but the shark action was up.


I mean, i know the ocean’s not a zoo, but it totally seems like one with the boat spotting mantas on every dive (i’m 4/5 dives, personally). As i was fumbling to get my fins off at the ladder, i faceplanted into a pair of galapagos sharks… A first for me. The crew readily id’ed them: “big, grey, sharky-looking sharks?” Spot on.


Today we dropped the hook in a few different spots around san benedicto. Good reports from our guests on mantas and different sharks. I had a break in the afternoon and went for a swim behind a big chevron manta. I was apprehensive to get too close, but a very cool feeling being in the presence of such a big sea dweller.

– Stefan, mate

No primeiro mergulho, logo na descida, avistamos um linguado perto da corda. Aos dez minutos de mergulho, um ballet com cerca de dez golfinhos que nadaram lindamente por vários minutos ao redor do grupo. Em seguida, mantas gigantes acompanharam os mergulhadores.
A correnteza estava forte. No inicio da subida, uma manta gigante distraiu alguns mergulhadores, que acabaram se afastando um pouco da corda.
No segundo mergulho do dia, mais mantas gigantes interagiram com o grupo por vários minutos. Um polvo, moreias e vários tubarões galha branca.
O terceiro mergulho foi perfeito. Temperatura da água em 25 graus celsius, nenhuma correnteza, muitos peixes coloridos e outro show de golfinhos. Uma cena interessante – em um areal um tubarão dormia abraçado por uma grande arraia prego. Na parada de segurança, outra manta gigante.
Tripulação super atenciosa. O jantar foi delicioso.

– Juliane mombelli

Amazing!!! – waking up to see the formation rising out of the water was an awesome sight and set the expectation for diving at this site. From the first dive to the last, there was always something new to see and each dive did not disappoint. We saw white tips on a ledge, at least 25 in one place, i think, i ran out of fingers to count. Also a nursery, and some expectant ones too. That was just the first dive, then came the black manta, the hammerheads, a hooooge galapagos (‘this………………..big), some saucy sharks (!) And an aurora of fish, hundreds of them, above you, around you, everywhere. And this is only the first day here, looking forward to tomorrow.
Cheeragi. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Alexandre (uou)

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