Formalized storm credit policy

I’ll be candid. We had some mechanical problems on our beautiful new Nautilus Belle Amie when she was launched. Doesn’t matter how hard we tried. Doesn’t matter that our dispatch reliability record over the last 25 years is almost perfect. Some new Caterpillar machinery broke down unexpectedly and messed up our guests. Many lessons learned including the importance of preplanning to ensure that our clients are looked after perfectly if there is mechanical or weather related delay with fingers frigging tightly crossed that things run perfectly for another 25 years. We can do a better.
Ahhhh! Insurance! We discovered that the folks at DiveAssure offer perfect insurance coverage for divers. Their policies provide astonishing protection including delays or cancellations caused by weather events, mechanical breakdowns, cancelled flights and even an interrupted trip because another diver has a medical emergency. Just the ticket.
To get this rolling, we are offering a $100 onboard credit to every client who books a DiveAssure policy through our website. Which means we are covering almost half the cost of the insurance. This makes the purchase of travel insurance a no-brainer for all of our guests.. Great insurance cover combined with “storm credits” are hopefully Nautilus features that none of our clients will ever need to put to the test.
Read about the policy here:
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