This is a super fun boat and awesome job!

Finally i am here. It was one of my dreams to work for a boat with such a good reputation like the Nautilus Explorer#Belle Amie. I have been waiting for their call for long time and now is the time to enjoy it. I have worked for few liveaboards before but the atmosphere here is different. The Socorro Islands are wild. Sometimes when waiting on the skiff for the divers to come out of the water one can experience those precious moments that will never forget. When the sun sets far on the horizon, the sea birds fly down the rocks looking for food along the surface and the breeze hits your face gently, mmmh … this is unique feeling. The first two trips have been awesome. The first one the boat was loaded with some of the most experience and famous underwater photographers and videographers on earth. It was such a great feeling to be sourranded by so many years of underwater experience. On our second dive when enjoying the giant mantas dance a huge shade came over me … one i looked up i could see that a 8 meter whaleshark was calmly swimming over me. Besides that on that trip and on the next one we saw hammerheads, snorkel at night with loads of silky sharks, huge yellow fin tunas, wahoos, jacks, and a little humpback breaching happily close to her mom. This is the big staff heaven i thought. It has been a great 3 weeks … looking forward to the Guadalupe season!

Divemaster Enrique.

This past trip was just awesome, I cant get over the interaction with the animals, lots of playful mantas, a dozen dolphins at once, a school of 50 hammerheads and all sorts of beautiful cleaner fish. The highlight of the trip for me was the guests on board, we had a great bunch of divers from very different backgrounds all become good friends and have a ton of fun! It has been such a neat experience seeing this boat come together, I have learned a ton and I get nervous for time off that I will miss something epic. This is a super fun boat and awesome job!

Divemaster Tim

I was on a dive at the boiler, divemastering with one very nice gentleman, we had a great dive and gave each other many high fives and fist pumps and OK excitements. The dive was over and we were on our safety stop still watching the manta show and then i saw in the distance what .. could it be… yes it was.. a sailfish, I signaled for my diver to follow me.. and we say a beautiful sailfish, cruising along effortlessly and flexing his dorsal fin, what a magnificent dorsal fin and he swam over to the mantas and was out of our view. We ascended and I was so excited, it was my first sailfin in over ten years of professional liveaboard diving. I was extatic and didnt think i could get happier and then the diver came up to me to thank me. He said he was waiting for a sailfish his whole dive life and now feels he can leave the sport happy because it meant so much to him.. I cant wait to see what tomoro brings.

Divemaster (anonymous)

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