One has snuck up behind me and swoops down right over my head

How many Manta’s did I see at the Boiler is an unfair question. The amount of excitement cannot be described in the number of manta’s but in the grace and beauty of these animals as they spin and dance right in front of you. As I giant Stride into the water, a pinnacle of rock with layers that remind you of stacked concrete slabs rise from the depths of the ocean creating this amazing site called the boiler, with beautiful Jacks, White Tips, Galapagos sharks, lobsters, eels and mantas who all call this home. It is a tough decision to decide if you are going to plunge down to the depths of the the pinnacle to search out the rumored hammer heads and sleeping sharks; or do you stay at a mid level and wait for the Manta’s to appear from the blue? If you are an over zealous American that is overly excited to see everything, you will do as I did and swoop to the depths and find more creatures and life then you ever thought was possibles and then start circum-navigating around the Pinnacle riding the currents and up currents, I make almost my first full trip around and out in the distance I see my first Manta of the morning, gliding across the ocean, like a ballerina. Soon there are 3 and 4 other mantas playing an orchestrated came of cat and mouse, reminding me of a scene from the movie top gun with all the fighter jets flying thru the air, barely missing each other. I am completely memorized of these beautiful animals leaving me awe struck and waiting for the perfect moment to photograph the one that has caught my eye, and out of nowhere another one has snuck up behind me and swoops down right over my head, creating an up and close personal encounter. Once again you seem to not count the manta’s but start counting your blessings for just having the opportunity to be present for such an incredible show.

By Nautilus Staff

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