angel fish at socorro

I keep finding new schools of, triggers, cleaners, jacks, and white tip sharks.

Roca Partida is arising from the Pacific like a giant frosted Childrens cake – Mickey mouse ears on one end wiht a large gorilla head on the other end, decorated on top with boobie birds. Below the surf the rock looks like a climbing wall with multicolored hand holds with a few friendly pufferfish, trumpetfish and moorish idols. White tip sharks cruise and during early morning and late afternoon settle into shallow caves piled like cord wood. Newcomers slide in – and are easily accomodated by the others. All around jacks build towers flashing white and black …mating season.

Jill M

From the depths of the blue arises a rock that has an outer shell bleached by the sun to a bright white, or maybe its bird poo but either way it is a beautiful sight. We leave the ship from the skiffs and you can feel the excitement in the air as we get closer to the drop-in point. The sun is bright the wind is calm and you can see the schools of big eyed jacks below. As I descend to 70 and then 80, 90, 100,110, 120 fsw, I keep finding new schools of, triggers, cleaners, jacks, and white tip sharks that seem to be everywhere. I slowly start making my way back to the surface along the shear wall and find white tips stacked like cord wood gently sleeping on a ledge. They are só beautiful when they open a lazy eye and almost smile at you as you snap a picture. I hear the illusive squeal of the dolphins again, thinking to my self, once again I can hear you but I do not see you. Errrr……, Then from out of no where I see large big eye jacks and huge white tips, then wait I see it, no it isn’t; wait yes it is, a beautiful dolphin spinning and playing in the water. Then more; there were 5 or 6 swimming between us all. At this time there must of been 13 divers in the area, pointing and taking pictures, some of the divers were mimicking the dolphins spinning and doing somersaults, and now there were at least 15 dolphins playing around us, the obvious stars of the show. As I keep turning and trying to find the perfect subject for a photo, I can’t help but notice that every diver including myself is doing Dolphin like kicks, everyone is enthralled with the dolphins. One must remember to always look behind them as they are spotting the dolphins as usually you’ll find that there are two right behind you trying to play with you.


Hoje dia 17/05/2015 mergulhamos 4 vezes. Foi uns dos melhores mergulhos de minha vida.
Vimos tubarões martelos, atuns, lagostas, golfinhos, etc. Meu dive master foi Julian; excelente pessoa, atencioso e amigo.
Recomendo a todos este live aboard.


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