One of the best dives I've done!

We asked our guests today, how was your dive at the canyon?

Here’s what our guests said…

“When you can see two mantas, hammerheads and dolphins.  Ask Hernan he knows everything!  The 2nd dive today was off the charts awesome! Giant Mantas, schools of hammerheads and a VERY friendly pod of dolphins. One of the best dives I have done…and the trip is just beginning!!  I found myself focusing on the dolphins, I love hammerheads and cant get enough of them but the dolphins seem to have more behaviours to enjoy. – Guest

“Water temp 24c (80f). Highly charged manta activity for three dives at Canyons.  Sighting of hammerheads between 85-100ft.  Dolphin pods enticing divers out into the blue water. Awesome diving!”  – Mike S.

By Nautilus Staff

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