After a challenging start, the Nautilus is now a well oiled machine!

We are a little more than halfway through our final Socorro Expedition of the season with our new beauty the Belle Amie. After a challenging start to the season, fresh out of the shipyard and with lots of wrinkles to iron out, our new ship is now running like the well oiled machine you would expect from the Nautilus team. With another 2-1/2 weeks worth of improvements and additions planned for July, the Belle Amie will be better than ever and ready for an adrenaline packed season of White Shark cage diving.
For now though we are still enjoying the gorgeous weather and great diving at the Socorro Islands. June is the first month of hurricane season in this area, which means keeping a close eye on the weather forecast. It also means some of the best surface conditions of the season when the tropical storms are dormant. We’ve been enjoying beautiful calm, glassy seas and nothing more than a light breeze since arriving.
This morning we are diving at Cabo Pearce, Socorro Island. Although visibility is a little low our first dive was a great one, with several playful giant mantas making the rounds and several people also seeing a young whaleshark. Our previous two days were spent at Roca Partida, where again despite low visibility we enjoyed some great dives full of silver-tip, silky and galapagos sharks, a couple of giant pacific mantas, as well as some of the biggest yellow-fin tuna found anywhere. We plan to finish this expedition at the famous Boiler, where I’m sure lots of playful Mantas await.

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