White tip sharks at Socorro

Looking Back at Socorro Season

As a pediatrician, I am asked many questions. A very common question is where did I go on vacation? When I tell children that I often swim in shark infested waters they appear to be terrified. They often appear to be genuinly concerned for my life. Then they think about the time I gave them shots and think I probably got what I deserved. They have watched shark week and know that all shark are blood thirsty and would eat any human who would dare to poke a toe into the water. Of course that’s why all shark should die a slow and painful death. Right??? Well today I discovered (with help of a friend) a new species of shark. Well it’s really isn’t a new species. It’s an old species with a new name. We are going to call it the Snuggly shark! That’s right you heard it hear first. The snuggly shark is going to rejuvenate the bad reputation that Jaws (the movie) gave to sharks. The snuggly shark could also be called the couch potato shark but snuggly shark sounded better. So these poor helpless animals need love just like we do. You heard it first here at La Roca Partida. Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for the spelling in this in this article as am a physician and they didn’t teach spelling in medical school.
Never, ever give up!
So yesterday not só great; lots of current and vis less than 20′ at the Boiler. The premier dive spot on our trip and we were skunked. So Captain Sean says we gotta move. Hmmm, okay. Really, he said, trust me! Hmmmm, okay…… . So first dive, OMG blue water! This is what we came for. A big rock?? White tips lined up in the grottos. Morays and a point that was hard to get around. Cool, but where are the hammerheads and mantas. Second dive more of the same and added Galapagos and Silver tips. Leann teased us with rumors of Hammerheads at the end of this dive. Ed says there was a whale shark at the end where he was. Do we believe these people? No video proof. Third dive got all caught up chasing Galapagos and deco’ed out. Stuck fight current around the point and gave up and drift for my deco and safety stops. Almost back to Nautilus when I surfaced. Well, ok, ’nuff of this place. Fourth dive; yeah right! Fool me once…… .Lol. Made the mistake of setting my alarm just in case. Up and dressed. Gonna stay shallow. So, in and following Arturo. Out of nowhere comes a Limo (Black back) manta. Frames itself in my video. So much for staying shallow. Well how about several HUNDRED swirling Hammerheads?! One of my top dives ever! I have been diving since 1979 by the way. Wow, I may have slit my wrist if I would of skipped this dive. Already made my trip. Thank you Nautilus Explorer! Got some great pictures as evidenced by the thief in the blog above

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