Dive Master Leeanne shares with us the different types of great white shark interaction she's been observing with our guests onboard the Nautilus Explorer.

Those of you that follow the blogs on this page, have seen me. I have been working with the company for years. I come on and off sporatically and enjoy every time. Nautilus is like my home. But, this is a First!!
My first time working Guadalupe great white shark season. My first time offering white sharks to guests and my first time doing whatever I can do to make the vacation the best time of your life.
I love driving the cages. I like the ballast system, that is used for safety as well as comfort. I love being able to desend and ascend in balance for my guests. I love knowing if anything happened down there, we have the ability to get ourselves to the surface.
So I arrived and expected to see a couple great white sharks, maybe three. I did not expect to see five or six in my line of sight without turning my head. I did not expect to see so much interaction between them as well as with us. I figured they would sniff around for our tuna smell and go and come back but it is way way way more than that.
You can see one great white shark bully another shark, you can see sharks come in eager or hunger for what they smell and then zip around trying to find it. You can see a shark slipstream with another shark. You can see shy timid sharks, you can see energetic, curious sharks. We see them come to the cage, circle the cage, creep up behind the cage and zoom up from the depths to the cage.
This is all great stuff. A great experience and everyone has got to try it.

By Nautilus Staff

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