Tried and true crew member from the Nautilus Swell, Jordan our first mate makes his way to Guadalupe for his 1st Great White Shark trip onboard the Nautilus Explorer.

The body hurts. Nine days ago now I hit the decks of the Nautilus Explorer at an all out run. First impressions would describe the Explorer as unique, demanding, and yet reliable. There is a history here that confirms as much. The photos in koda chrome colours and black and white grain hang on the walls and inform me that the Explorer has not been a vessel as much as it has been a home. At the moment, this new home of mine has been asking allot of myself and the crew and of course we willingly turn to at her request. It’s simply how it works on the water.
I find myself at points of the day absorbing so much that it is as if I am often learning for the first time all over again. And yet, I suppose, this could be said about ones first week on board any new vessel, let alone one that sends divers into the water with Great White Sharks.
But something clicked the other day for me. Standing on top of the cage I watched Great Whites swim bellow like a pack of white streaked French curves. It was stunning. Here I was, a steward of earth, getting a glimpse of a shark which so obviously belonged. Perhaps not in totality, but for a moment I got why we were here.
Because morning come quickly,
good night.

By Nautilus Staff

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