This morning at the Boiler – 4 Giant Mantas

This morning at the Boiler I splashed in with my group of 9 divers and was instantly met by 3 Chevron mantas and 1 Black manta. We were soon joined by a small pod of 6 dolphins we made a quick pass by going off the north point out into the blue. Always an awesome sight and good way to start the day, but it turned out to be a big and aggressive fish that I’ll remember this one for. Looking down at 4 divers below me the schools of Razor Surgeonfish and Redtail trigger fish that were in the area quickly darted off. In came a massive yellowfin tuna, easily between 200-250 pounds. Swimming directly at the group of divers my self and them expected him to change course. Instead he went right at them passing with in a few feet. Apparently scaring a couple who thought it was a shark at first due to its size. Impressive seeing a fish on its own come at a group of divers so confidently.
giant manta

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