Whale Sharks!!!

Whale Sharks!!! Today we had a two separate whale shark sightings and they both caught us by surprise. Oddly enough, both towards the end of our dives. During the second dive we were enjoying the massive amount of fish and a few single hammerheads here and there, a a silver tip or two, and of course whitecap reef sharks everywhere you turn your head. We were starting to finish our dive when a juvenile whale shark (6-7m/21ft.) swam straight towards us. This curious “little” guy swam over and circled the group and started to swim away. Then the dive master, Dave, waved his hand at it and it swam back in curiosity. Wow! It circled around again and slowly disappeared into the blue. On the last dive of the day we were deep, 32m, looking in the thermocline for sharks: galapagos, whitetips, and rare hammerheads. Then a huge behemoth swam slowly across our view. A whale shark we estimated to be about 15m /45ft. Whoa, we couldn’t believe it’s size. What a great day!

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