Silky Snorkel and a Galapagos Shark

Tonight the Silky Shark snorkel brought in some unexpected guests. During every trip we offer a chance to swim with the Silky snorkels at night that surround Socorro island. This is done simply by having all the back deck lights on, attracting all kinds of life from mackerel to flying fish. The Silkies soon follow, dipping in between the beams of divers lights like a pack of curious dogs. A large (around 7 feet) Galapagos shark then showed up, sticking out of the group as defiantly the thickest shark around that night. To top the night off, a pod of bottlenose dolphins show up chasing any fish who stayed too long in the light. They kept a little more of a distance from our snorkel area off the back deck, but could still be seen and heard smacking their tails on the surface hoping to stun their prey. In all the nights snorkel provided for some good action, now time to finish up tomorrow with a few dives at Cabo Pierce.

By Nautilus Staff

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