The Shark Numbers at Roca Partida are Exploding Right Now!

The shark numbers at Roca Partida are exploding right now. The famous white tip balconies are at max capacity, with triple the numbers from a month ago. The Galapagos and Silvertips are also showing up more this week. This week us DM’s and group of divers from Germany got treated by Roca for 8 dives. The water out at the rock maintained 120 foot plus vis and 75F water temp. Both the mantas and dolphins made appearances through out the day along with the sharks. The Humpbacks teased us down under with there singing, but unfortunately kept there distance off the dive site from us. Just hearing how loud they were made for the main topic of discussion on the skiff after the dive. Heading back out tomorrow night, looking forward to getting back out there.

By Nautilus Staff

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