How Can This Get Better?

Cracking start to the day with giant mantas right away and they kept on coming on every dive. If you were tempted to have a wee look for smaller stuff in the nooks and crannies, there was always a manta passing overhead and you nearly missed it. Eels, sea snakes, puffer and porcupine fish filled in the gaps between mantas. The Scottish contingent came to the rescue of a manta snagged on a mooring rope and the line was cut to release the frantic manta without too much damage, sharks appearing out of nowhere in response to the distress.
Happily it made it away safely and we even managed to return the anchor to the visiting boat (usually we would have claimed the anchor and ransomed it- Scottish tradition).
The super diving continued at what seemed a frantic pace for the rest  of the day and evening refreshments were a welcome relaxation.
What a start to the trip, and how can this get better??

By Nautilus Staff

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