Darkest of Blue Water!

9 divers. 7 Dolphins. 2 Giant Pacific Mantas. 1 Rock. This morning we got in a early morning dive out at Roca Partida, 6:20am skiffs away to be exact for some hardcore divers. Myself and yellow group splashed in 15 mins even before the sun rise on the east side of the site. As we rounded the north end in the darkest of blue water we could start to hear them, and then they showed up for a show. Seven Bottlenose dolphins circled us as if wondering what we were doing down there already. As we got more light they took off for their day, but were soon replaced by a pair of Chevron mantas. The earliest dive I’ve ever done out at Roca turned out to be one of the best. All this before 7:30am and breakfast. The next 3 dives later on the day were filled with schooling Scalloped Hammerheads and Galapagoes. Easy to say all divers won’t have a hard time sleeping tonight.

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