The Sharks took over the Islands!

After 6 weeks of holidays I got back to Socorro for a great surprise: SHARKS! The sharks took over the islands, and they are all around, exceptionally at Roca Partida. At the very first minutes of dive we spotted two shy hammerheads. Waiting a bit more at the same spot we were outnumbered by a school of at least 20 of them. The circled us for a while and them left the place. We were so amazed by that and it was time to just relax swimming with Mantas. Yes, they are still around!
We were the last ones to finish the dive, and at the very end, a mixed school of Silkies, Galapagos and Hammerheads came to say good bye! Even at the safety stop they were still shallow enough for us to see them. That made my favorite dive from all times at Roca Partida. And it was only the first of the day. During the rest of the day we had another encounters with the schools and all of the divers on the Belle Amie had the chance to meet them! The action was so intense and the conditions were so good that we decided to stay for another day, and the captain gave us the chance for a early morning (dawn) dive. I was driving the boat on this next day, but still had the chance to see dolphins from the surface. When our divers surfaced, I was so pleased to see the smile on their faces and hear the stories from dolphins swimming and hunting around them. We leave Roca now and head to Socorro, with 100 feet visibility and 25C water temperature past behind us. I couldnt have had a better welcome back. Thank you Revillagigedo Islands!

By Nautilus Staff

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