The two windy and slow days at Socorro are all but forgotten

Silky Snorkel last night was a huge success. Punta Tosca is really the hotspot for silky sharks! Last night we had 20-30 sharks circling the boat, and lots of happy snorkelers in the water. The silky snorkel was awesome for sure, but the first dive at Roca Partida today was epic. As soon as divers entered the water, they encountered two dozen dolphins feeding, which was amazing to see. Even better was that they were also teaching the young how to catch fish. What a show! But what really stole the show this morning was the humpback whale that decided to come and see what all the excitement was about! Truly a dive to remember. Oh, almost forgot to mention the Manta that joined the divers on their safety stop! Unbelievable!
_ _ _ _
It was windy and bumpy overnight and this morning, but has turned into a pretty decent day to be at Roca, with the sun shining, and the wind eased.
In any case, after the silky snorkel, the guests were pretty happy, and I started to feel like the trip was back on track. After this mornings dive, the trip is likely now exceeding expectations. The two windy and slow days at Socorro are all but forgotten.
We will stay overnight. The Solmar V is heading to Socorro tonight, and we will be joined by the Rocio Del Mar for tomorrows festivities.
Off to eat chef Marco’s incredible fish Tacos!

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