The dives can only be as good as they are organized and prepared.

EL Boiler again, and this time we were lucky, the weather and dive conditions were perfect.
Only one other ship was at the spot, the Rocio Del Mar, but with the perfect organization of our  crew we never had to many divers under water.
On the count of 3 we jumped from the zodiac into the clear blue and immediately we were surrounded by a swarm of fish. We looked down and the amazing clear water allowed us to see nearly the ground in 40 meters. Going down we were greeted by 2 dolphins, which were standing upside down in the water. After about 5 minutes they swim off and we were happy to had such a wonderful experience, as we realized they just went to get some more of their buddies, now we were accompanied by 5 dolphins which were in the mood to play. Having a lot of fun with the dolphins our guide pointed up and a beautiful Manta Ray joined in. Finally the dolphins left us after about 10 minutes and we kept swimming around the rock where we were met by more Mantas. The number of the mantas varies from 2 to 6, I guess it depends on the enthusiasm of the diver. 🙂
Like we discovered before the Mantas seems to be more interested in us and were actively searching to connect with us. They enjoyed our bubbles, they seem to feel astonished by the divers, they swam so close to us we could have touched them easily.
It was amazing!
One last word everybody actually knows but do not appreciate. The dives can only be as good as they are organized and prepared.
So thank you team of the Nautilus Explorer! Thank you for making the stay aboard and the dives so easy. The food was awesome, the mood of you guys always good, you know were the helping hand is needed, is it with the drinks before and after the dive (special thanks to Marina and George), helping us in and out of the zodiacs (sit and slide :-), the feeling for the hammerhead schools or Mantas or all the other little supports.

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