So, the surge came down some and the current weakened a touch but the rock was still a bit of a challenge today thus far. Vortex of doom still here, actually 2 today, but at least swimming around the rock was possible. Yesterday some folks drifted and came up next to the NEX and climbed up the ladder. Worked just fine. Clear sky, lt NE wind and long low nnw swell. Mellower today. Had a turtle come by and say helloo and same as yesterday for under water action. Silkies, pogos, mantas getting close, dolphins and lots of fish and white tip reefers. Zombie sharks. Creepy.

Gonna pull the hook around 2100 and split over to San Benny for a canyon/red bluff/boiler bonanza manana. Some of the guests are having a tough go with this surge and current so we will have a relaxed last day and get them in the water for a few.

All is good here.

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