Billy Bobs

Having been on several live-aboards I have to say that my time on the Belle Amie for the Soccoro itinerary was outstanding starting with the professionalism and customer service of the crew. When I got on the boat to my surprise there was actually ample hot water 24/7 which was a treat considering the cold ocean water. Within a few days, I found the crew to be very receptive to practical jokes as well. One incident in particular was with the help of our dive-master/naturalist Sten who helped me convince the balance of the deck crew including DM Jesse and the Captain that I lost my two front teeth on the last dive and they offered to immediately launch an emergency search of the ocean botton to find them. They were not aware in reality that I was wearing my favorite BILLY BOB teeth with missing front teeth. A perfect example of the crews commitment to taking care of their divers in and out of the water. With this kind of work ethic, I will be happy to recommend this dive operation to anyone interested in having a very pleasant dive experience with the diving, 5 star meals, more than comfortable cabins, well organized dive deck, dive tender routine with an emphasis on diver safety, and the entire crew who were accomodating in every way to insure our comfort and happiness.  I will be back with more of my BILLY BOBS. HaHa!

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