Most exciting checkout dive ever!

Most exciting checkout dive ever!
Up early for the first dive of the trip at Fondeadero. The moon was on one side of the boat and the sun was rising on the other. Magic!  As we descended, sparks of bioluminescence rose to greet us. Shortly afterwards a dolphin came to visit. A shark was lurking in the distance and we experienced three separate encounters with three different giant mantas. Three seemed to be the magic number as there were hammerheads at the end of the dive. Sorry to leave the water.
At the next dives at the Boiler, the flying manta carpet show was in full swing. Swooping in and out of the diver paparazzi and shamelessly posing for pictures and video.
The current at Cabo Pierce was fierce but we were rewarded with incredible manta encounters and lots of sharks; a hammerhead, white tips, silver tips and Galapagos. Dolphins on our safely stop. Ho hum. Not.
On our last Cabo Pierce dive, there was so much happening it was hard to choose where to focus our attention. An extremely playful manta stayed with us for a long time and seemed to visit each of the divers individually as a large beautiful Galapagos shark circled the dive site. Then a lone dolphin snuck up on us and came to play. Wow.
The captain and the crew are wonderful. So accommodating and helpful. Our group is especially excited one of our dive guides is a Marine Biologist.≥÷

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